Published the report of activities of Innet Campus referring to the year 2016

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Published the report of activities of Innet Campus referring to the year 2016


As stated in its quality policy, the University of Granada is an institution committed to the pursuit of equal opportunities and the total and effective participation of the college community, gathering in a comprehensive and transversal manner the reality of this diverse society we live in, guaranteeing non-discrimination and promoting the effective inclusion of university students with disabilities, respecting principles of universal accessibility and personal autonomy, so that every student is able to achieve their intellectual, professional and personal goals. For this reason, the new edition of the Inclusive European Campus project, INnet Campus 2017 has been launched.

INnet Campus is a joint action, between the ONCE Foundation (Spanish National Organisation for the Blind), as the coordinator of the project, and the following universities: the Artesis Plantijn University College (Antwerp, Belgium), the University of Granada (Spain) and the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon (Portugal). It is financed by the European Commission in the context of the Erasmus+ program. Its main goal is to support university students with disabilities studying at secondary level at this time, and promote the continuation of their education at university level as, statistically, students with disabilities present a higher dropout rate as well as a higher chance of suffering social exclusion at adult age. Therefore, this project’s long term goal is to improve their future access to quality employment. But this is not the only goal. The aim is also to: promote transnational mobility in young people with disabilities; promote college accessibility for disabled students; achieve a reduction in the early school dropout rate; aid universities by giving them the opportunity to reach out to future university students with disabilities as well as to identify possible improvements in their Campus which would in turn improve their capacity to offer an inclusive education, with equal opportunities for every student, thus improving and promoting the inclusion of the disabled within the community.

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